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Green Eyed Monsters Knitting Patterns

A small selection of knitting patterns, designed by Kate Heppell of Green Eyed Monsters.

The Patterns

Through The Woods

Green Eyed Monsters Through The Woods

This past winter was a bit of an odd one. Anyone living in the UK will remember the crazy amounts of snow. For one reason and another, a friend and I both had a pretty horrible time of it. Just as the snow was beginning to thaw, I felt my needles getting twitchy and the germ of this design was born, as a gift for an awesome friend who helped me find my way through the woods. This is a simplified version of the hat I knit for her, with alternating panels of a mirrored leaf pattern and stylised poplars, all worked in lace.


Simple-as-it-comes Beret

Green Eyed Monsters Beret

This is a great little project for a beginner - you only need to know how to knit, purl, increase and decrease.


Knockout Handwarmers

Green Eyed Monsters Knockout Handwarmers

Nobody'll want to mess with any chick wearing these bad boys, and they can be knocked up in a weekend.



Green Eyed Monsters Kirrin Beanie Hat Pattern

Kirrin is inspired by Enid Blyton's Famous Five, and in particular George Kirrin, who has always been a heroine of mine. She was a practical girl, and I can see her stuffing this little hat into her kit bag for a night on Kirrin Island with Timmy and her cousins.


Hallows and Horcruxes

Green Eyed Monsters Hallows and Horcruxes sock pattern

A beautiful sock pattern, inspired by Harry Potter. There are 3 sets of cables (for the 3 hallows) which split into 7 (for the 7 horcruxes). It's an interactive pattern in the form of a spreadsheet which calculates your gauge and extrapolates that to form the pattern.


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